What is Fax2Mail?

Fax2Mail is a service which enables users to both send and receive faxes electronically using email. Unlike many other solutions that are available Fax2Mail doesn't require you to install any software or plug anything in. It simply works through your existing email platform whether that is web mail such as Hotmail or an office solution like Outlook. Users can also view 30 days history of sent or received faxes, resend faxes and edit user details such as your email address and password from our website giving total user control.

Why Fax2Mail instead of a normal fax machine?

Most of us prefer to communicate electronically rather than by letter or fax because it's quicker, easier, more convenient and cheaper. Most of us also own a mobile phone and or other mobile devices like laptops and PDA's etc. This demonstrates the need for communication on the move. It is for these reasons that Fax2Mail is so valuable, we give you the freedom to fax electronically from anywhere at any time whilst saving you money.

Who Uses Fax2Mail?

The very nature of Fax2Mail makes it suitable for everyone who uses email and fax. We currently provide service for individuals, small to medium businesses and large blue chip corporations.

How does it work?

Fax2Mail works through your normal email account, receiving faxes is the same as receiving an email and sending a fax is the same as sending an email it's that simple. You can also manage your account online giving you the ability to view 30 days history of sent and received faxes. Here you can also resend faxes and manage personal preferences such as the email address you want to use for fax2mail.

To view the Fax2Mail quick reference user guide click here
To read our FAQ's click here

How do I set it up?

Signing up for Fax2Mail couldn't be easier. Simply click the link for your chosen fax number from the table below which will take you to the shop where you can signup. Once you have signed up we will assign your Fax2Mail number to your specified email address (which can be changed at anytime). As soon as we have activated your new number we will email confirmation of your new number and Fax2Mail account details at which point you can begin using the service immediately.

Fax number Set up cost Monthly subscription Free pages
per month
Sending cost
per page
Receiving cost
per page
Cost to sender
per minute
0871 10* 3.00 30 0.10 0.00 0.10 Sign up now!
0870 10* 5.50 30 0.10 0.00 National Rate Sign up now!
0845 10* 5.50 30 0.10 0.05 Local Rate Sign up now!
0800 10* 10.00 30 0.10 0.05 Free Phone Sign up now!

* Free set up for all Easily users quoting the voucher code EU0106 during signup

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